The publication of a scientific book for the teaching professor, Dr. Abdul-Ridha Taha Sarhan, from the Department of Dentistry at the University College of Hilla

A scientific book was published for the teaching professor Dr. Abdel Reda Taha Sarhan from the Department of Dentistry at Hilla University College entitled (Preventive Measures for Infection Control in Dental Clinics).This is in accordance with the department’s research and scientific plan. The book discussed a very important topic, which is the prevention of infection and its transmission among auditors, students, and dental clinic workers. The book includes instructions and procedures to be followed by all clinic workers to prevent transmission and spread of infection from patients with infectious diseases to the staff during their treatment. .This book is one of the auxiliary books that our college provided free of charge to our students in the dental department to educate them about avoiding infection.


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