The head of the Nursing Department at Hilla University College publishes a scientific research in the Latin American Journal of Pharmacy as part of the scientific research activity at Hilla University College.

Head of the Department of Nursing, Dr. Hassan Bayi publishes a research in the Latin American Journal of Pharmacy, which is one of the reputable scientific journals within Scopus containers with an impact factor.
And be within the third quarter Q3.
Where the researcher indicated that the research includes the investigation of patients with diabetes and high blood pressure for a random sample representative of the visitors of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, during the Arbaeen visit in 2018, the sample size was 400 visitors, their average age was 46 years, and after conducting medical screening tests, a large prevalence of diagnosed diabetes was found for 32% And the association of sugar in a statistically significant way with arterial hypertension and tobacco smoking
The research showed that the prevalence of blood pressure was 48%. This significant increase in the spread of non-communicable diseases requires the competent authorities to take measures to take care of visitors who participate in the largest gathering in the world annually. The need to prevent and control the distribution of medicines by non-specialists, which leads to serious complications Like a stroke, he participated in the research and contributed financially to it. Qahtan Hadi Al-Jubouri, President of Babylon University

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