The Nursing Department at Hilla University College participates in a campaign to provide health services to the residents of villages suffering from various environmental degradation

Under the guidance of the Dean of the University College of Hilla, Prof. Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi), the students of the Nursing Department and their teaching participated in a campaign to examine the residents of Abu Samij village, as a health survey was conducted to discover diabetes and high blood pressure for the elderly and to investigate the incidence of anemia in children, in addition to raising awareness about the importance of taking a vaccine COVID-19 The campaign was supervised in the field by the consultant doctor, the experienced Professor Hassan Alwan Bayi, and the department’s rapporteur, M.D. Doaa Ali Hamad. New cases were discovered that the residents of the village were not aware of, and they were directed to take treatment from the nearby health centers. Citizens expressed their satisfaction with the campaign and their desire to participate in environmental sanitation and the health promotion of the village’s residents

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