The opening of the first annual exhibition of activities for students of the Department of Medical Devices Technologies Engineering Batch (We learned our goal) and professors of the department

With the shining of a special and distinguished day with a creative day with distinguished students always, and under the patronage of the Dean of Hilla University College, Dr. (Aqeel Al-Saadi) and under the slogan (Made in our college), the first annual exhibition of activities was opened for the students of the batch (we learned our goal) and the professors of the department, which was held by the Department Engineering of Medical Equipment Technologies at Hilla University College and under the direct supervision of the head of the department, Dr. Nahed Alloush, where his exhibits varied between patents for teachers and the products of primary studies students and others.
The exhibition was opened by the Dean of the College and the assistants, and the opening ceremonies were attended by a number of dignitaries, distinguished guests and heads of departments.
Al-Saadi gave a speech on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, in which he welcomed the guests of the exhibition, and the establishment of this exhibition comes to display the various scientific products of the faculty as well as the projects of the fourth stage students, as the works involved in it varied between patents, as well as theoretical, applied and practical products.
The exhibition is part of the technical support that the college is keen on holding annual exhibitions that celebrate wonderful and creative works that reflect the intellectual creativity enjoyed by the students and their teaching, as the Department of Medical Equipment Technologies is rightfully considered a factory for creative graduates in various engineering aspects.

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