Photo network Honoring ceremony for professors of the Department of Medical Laboratory Technologies

In the presence of the Dean of the University College of Hilla, Prof. Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi) and the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs, Dr. (Emad Salam Abboud), and under the supervision of the head of the Department of Medical Laboratory Technologies, Prof. Dr. (Kawthar Hawaz Prism), the fourth stage students in the Department of Medical Laboratory Technologies at Hilla University College organized an honoring ceremony To their teachers, for their efforts with all students by overcoming the obstacles they faced in their academic career.
The ceremony included a speech by the Dean of Hilla University College, Prof. Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi), in which he expressed his joy on this occasion and praised the department’s scientific efforts in raising the college’s status, thanking the students of the department for this initiative and urging them to make more efforts to make the scientific process successful.
And Dr. (Imad Salam Abboud) in his speech on this occasion, in which he stressed that the professors will remain a shining light in the educational process and the highest value that is second to none in society.
In the end, certificates of thanks, appreciation and distinction were distributed to the distinguished professors.

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