Publishing a scientific research in an international journal within Clarivate containers

As part of the scientific research activity at Hilla University College, the Teaching Assistant at the Department of Medical Physics at Hilla University College, Associate Instructor (Shaimaa Ahmed), published a scientific paper entitled Antimicribial and crtotoxic activity of platinum (nanoparticles synthesized by laser ablation technique) in the Journal of nanostructures, one of the journals Sober scientific within Clarivate containers with an impact factor of 1.4 and be within the third quarter Q3.
Where the researcher indicated that the research was completed in cooperation with a research team at the University of Babylon / College of Medicine.
The research deals with the manufacture of nanoparticles by the ablative pulsed laser method with a new crystal structure that has biological properties that help in the treatment of complex Pseudomonas infection and the treatment of some cancer cells.
It is noteworthy that Al-Hilla University College greatly supports its teachers and urges them to research and publish their research in solid scientific journals within the global capacities.

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