A teacher at Hilla University College publishes a research in a magazine within Scopus containers

The teaching assistant at the Department of Medical Physics at Hilla University College, Zahraa Najah Al-Husseini, has published a paper entitled (STUDY THE RHEOLOGICAL AND OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF NICKEL FERRITE /PMMA NANO-COMPSITE (GROWTH IN CRUDE OIL VIA LASER ABLATION), in the Egyptian Journal of Chemistry… It is one of the reputable scientific journals within the Scopus and Clarivate containers with an impact factor of 1.5 and is within the third quarter Q3..
Where the researcher indicated that the research dealt with:
Synthesis and characterization of a new polymeric material for melting point inhibitor (PPD), based on nickel ferrite and polymer (Polymethyl methacrylate – PMMA). In this research, the sample was prepared in two steps. Ferrite/PMMA nanoparticles were then prepared using an Nd:YAG laser of wavelength (1064 nm), energy (600 mJ), frequency (6 Hz) and (100 pulses) for the sample immersed in dilute crude oil (obtained from the Rumaila oil field in The optical and rheological properties were studied. The optical examinations showed the same behavior of crude oil, but there is a shift towards the blue spectrum due to the presence of nanoparticles. The polymer ratio is low.The intensity is nearly doubled with the same ablation pulses.
It is noteworthy that Al-Hilla University College greatly supports its teachers and urges them to research and publish their research in solid scientific journals within the global capacities.

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