A virtual court at Hilla University College

The University College of Hilla established the practice of the virtual court, through which a number of students of the fourth stage applied the law department, the judiciary, the public prosecution, the complainant, the accused, the lawyers, the witnesses of denial and proof, and under the direct supervision of the head of the department, Dr. Imad Al-Shibli. Ordinary and ended with sentencing the offender, a judgment in presence that can be appealed.
It is worth noting that this activity brings students into contact with the experiences of the courts and the pattern of real trials. The virtual pleadings were attended by Prof. Dr. Aqeel Al-Saadi, Dean of Hilla University College, the assistant dean for administrative and scientific affairs, faculty members of the Law Department and a number of heads of departments in our college.
We congratulate our law students for this wonderful experience.

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