Students of the third stage of the Nursing Department visit a center Autism in Babylon

The third stage students in the Nursing Department at the University College of Hilla visited the Autism Center of the Husseiniya Holy Shrine, as part of the training curriculum for the subject of growth and development, and they were accompanied by the assistant teacher Suad Abdel Hussein, teaching in the Nursing Department, through which the students were briefed on the stages of development and follow-up of children with autism, who supervised It is the threshold and all the special services and how to train them. The center rehabilitates (5 to 6) children annually, cures them, and enrolls them in public schools. The students were also briefed on all training programs for these children.
During the visit, the center’s departments were identified, the students toured all departments and practically lived with patients by talking with them and playing in order to understand the reality of this disease in the field.

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