A scientific visit to the German Cancer Center / Najaf Governorate

Within the scientific and cognitive curriculum of the Department of Medical Physics at the University College of Hilla, and under the direct supervision of the head of the department, Dr. (Hussein Al-Arbawi), the students of the Department of Medical Physics, the fourth stage, made a scientific visit to the German Cancer Center in Najaf, accompanied by the instructor, the teacher, Dr. Qahtan Adnan Muhammad, and the instructor Assistant Dalail Saad, where they were introduced to the modern medical devices used in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors.
During the visit, the mechanism of work of each device and the results we obtained were clarified by Dr. (Zayd Al-Nuwaini), who specializes in medical physics and nuclear medicine, and Professor Kamal Mahdi, who specializes in nuclear physics. A scientific and academic cooperation has been agreed between our college and the German Cancer Center

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