Acceptance to publish the research of Prof. Faisal Ali Al-Bassam, head of the Department of Radiology and Ultrasound at Hilla University College, in the First International Conference on Pure and Applied Sciences in Samarra

The publication of the scientific research tagged (the effect of cadmium oxide on the optical properties of Gallium Oxide using pulsed laser deposition technology) has been accepted by Professor Dr. Faisal Ali Al-Bassam
The research includes a study of the effect of cadmium oxide films on the optical properties (transmittance, absorption, reflectivity, optical energy gap, dielectric constant, attenuation coefficient, absorption coefficient, refractive index) of calcium oxide using a 500mJ pulsed laser on quartz floors by taking different ratios that are less than These factors increase the concentration of CdO and its applications are in optical reagents and gas sensors.

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