The conclusion of the activities of the first scientific conference of the theater department at Hilla University College

Under the patronage of the Dean of the University College of Hilla, Prof. Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi), the activities of its first international scientific conference, which was held by the Department of Drama for the period from 4-5 July 2021, concluded today, Monday, 5/7/2021.

Researchers, writers, directors, actors and academics from Egypt, Kuwait, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco, Bahrain and Iraq participated in the conference, which came under the slogan (Theater Lifts Society).

The conference included four axes that dealt with theater, technology, performing arts, society, and the current university theater (reality: challenges), in addition to a focus on the body in contemporary theater.

At the conclusion of the activities of the first international scientific conference of the theater department, the Dean of Hilla University College gave a speech on this occasion and praised the efforts of the preparatory and scientific committee for the conference and the solid research that was discussed in various themes and which will be published later in a book on the conference

The participants expressed their happiness with this scientific and aesthetic event because of its great role in supporting the artistic and academic movement.

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