An inspection tour of the Dean of the University College of Hilla for the exam halls

The Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi), accompanied by the assistant dean for scientific and administrative affairs, conducted an inspection tour of the exam halls today, Tuesday 13/7/2021, to see the progress of the attendance exams. The Dean stressed the need to enhance the requirements of the attendance exams, including Following up the halls, preparing them and providing them with thermometers, masks and sterilizers. He was also briefed on the level of exam questions, their suitability, and the extent to which they adhere to the academic vocabulary decided by the scientific committees in the college through direct communication with students. His Excellency directed to harness the available efforts to work on preparing the logistical and health requirements in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research Academic and Deanship of the College to provide an appropriate atmosphere for students to take exams.

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