Creations of undergraduate students in graduation projects “Theater Department”

In the presence of the Dean of Hilla University College, Prof. Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi), the students of the fourth stage of the Theater Department at Hilla University College presented their graduation projects (laboratory applications), which are theatrical performances under the supervision of the department’s professors.
The Dean of the College explained that the students’ graduation projects varied in an impressive manner, addressing many different ideas that exist in our Iraqi society. Al-Saadi also stressed that art is an expression of everything that is taken from nature and reality and forms a new formation, as the relationship of art with man is an integrated relationship, and art is a means of moral dialogue. In the human milieu, it is from him that we can exchange messages between types of people, transcending the tangible differences.
These performances were attended by the Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs, Dr. (Imad Salam Abboud), the head of the theater department, Dr. Abbas Rahak, and the faculty members of the theater department.

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