Head of the Department of Dentistry publishes research in containers Scopas

Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Mohsen Al-Yasiri, Head of the Department of Dentistry at Hilla College, published a scientific research entitled (Detection of adhesive properties genes among streptococcus mutans in pationts with gingivitis), in the Journal of Medicine and Life, which is one of the reputable scientific journals within Scopus containers with an impact factor. And be within the second quarter Q2.
Where the researcher indicated that the research dealt with:
Using the genetic factors of bacteria to detect chronic gingivitis 150 samples were taken from patients with chronic gingivitis using genetic detection and its relationship to the bacteria causing the disease, where the relationship was found to be closely related to a percentage of 97 with its pain, and this indicates the genetic link between a group of bacteria and chronic gingivitis through genetic interdependence, which is Among the most accurate and diagnostic methods.

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