Hilla University College announces the launch of the final exams for the second semester

Today, Sunday, 7/25/2021, the final exams for the second semester of the academic year 2021/2020 and for the morning and evening studies were launched at Al-Hilla University College.
The attendance and electronic exams also took place on their first day with a high flow and an exam atmosphere filled with hope and optimism in passing the current stage under the exceptional circumstances caused by the Corona pandemic, which the whole world is going through. With strong commitment to preventive measures, provision of all health supplies, commitment to social distancing, as well as other logistical matters, where the Dean of Hilla University College, Professor Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi), confirmed that the college has completed all requirements for the success of the in-person and electronic exams, in implementation of the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Presidency of the Iraqi University.
The students expressed their appreciation for the efforts made by the Dean of Hilla College in order to pass this difficult stage, as well as prevention and sterilization measures in order to preserve the safety of all.

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