A joint scientific research cooperation in one of the international scientific journals

Al-Hilla University College continues to build its reputation as a leading institution in the field of scientific research, as it supports and encourages participation and engagement in high-quality scientific research with a group of international researchers.
In this regard, a scientific research was published through the cooperation of Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Ridha Sarhan in the Department of Dentistry at Hilla University College with two researchers at a Nepalese university, at their request for assistance in finding vital alternatives to chemical fungicides, and for the experience of Dr. Abd Al-Ridha Sarhan Extensive use of herbs and medicinal plants to treat many microorganisms, including fungi. It was suggested that they research the topic of detecting fungicides from herbs and medicinal plants as alternatives to chemical pesticides as they are effective and environmentally friendly agents. With God’s help, the research was completed and published in one of the international scientific journals. …. Title of the research: (Botanical fungicides; current status, fungicidal properties and challenges for wide scale adoption: a review).
We wish our college professors success and lasting scientific success

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