Alumni follow-up unit at Hilla College

Alumni follow-up unit at Hilla College

In the desire of the University College of Hilla to communicate with its students after graduation, and in the interest of the Deanship of the College to increase the chances of obtaining employment for the graduates of the college, the “Alumni Follow-up Unit” was created to take upon itself this important role for the graduate on the one hand, and for the College on the other hand.

The Graduate Follow-up Unit has several tasks, including:

1- The “Alumni Day” is held annually, in which the graduates are invited simultaneously with the men of institutions, bodies and companies that need employment for college graduates. And the implementation of the so-called (job fair), in which companies and employers meet with graduates looking for a job.

2- Contacting institutions and companies to find job opportunities for college graduates.3- Urging college graduates to participate in courses, seminars and workshops in order to develop their skills and increase their employment opportunities, by advertising them.4- Informing graduates of available job opportunities through (publishing or re-publishing) (appropriate) job advertisements.On this occasion, the Alumni Follow-up Unit at Hilla University College invites all graduates from the college to fill out the form prepared by it for the college graduates, to include their information in a database prepared for this purpose and to facilitate contact with them when employment opportunities become available.(link to form)

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