Invitation to the China International Conference of the Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs of Dr. (Emad Salam Abood)

Dr. (Emad Salam Abood), Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs at Al-Hilla College, Ahlia University received an invitation to participate in the China International Conference
The 3rd International conference on Graphene and novel Nanomaterials (GNN 2021) on line
Where he will be the only Arab researcher who will participate with researchers from different countries of the world, including Spain, Argentina, America, Portugal, Japan and many advanced countries in the scientific and research field.
And to activate the memorandum of scientific cooperation between the University College of Hilla and the University of Karbala, where Dr. Imad Salam Abboud and his research team consisting of the teacher Dr. Ahmed Salem Abd and the teacher Dr. Maryam Sabah Nasser, headed by Professor Dr. Hamida Idan Salman, Dean of the College of Education for Pure Sciences at the University of Karbala participated in their research entitled
Zinc Oxide and Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Carbon Pate Ion selective electrode: A cyclic voltammetry Comparison study
Where it was accepted in one of the magazines approved in the conference within the containers of the international publishing house Scopus

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