Private university education in Iraq: roles and participation in the development of educational policies

Within the activities of the professors of Hilla University College, the Director of Quality Assurance and University Performance in our college, Dr. (Etidal Al-Araibi), participated in the ministerial symposium organized by the Ministry of Planning / Department of Human Development. The symposium was entitled (Private University Education in Iraq: Roles and Participation in Developing Educational Policies) Several axes, the most important of which are the role of private education in achieving sustainable human development, the problems and obstacles that hinder the progress of work, and looking to future goals. The seminar was attended by the Minister of Planning and his deputy, the Director of the Private University Education Department, Prof. Dr. Hussein Ali Hamid, and the Director of Human Development, Dr. Maha Abdel-Karim, presidents of universities and private colleges and directors of quality assurance in private colleges

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