Summer training for students of the Medical Equipment Technology Engineering Department at Hilla University College

Summer training for students The second scientific method that complements the lectures in the classroom to create an integrated picture for the students with specialization, especially for the medical departments.
In this regard, Professor of Medical Devices, Ali Talib Jawad, made an inspection tour to hospitals and summer training centers for students of the Medical Devices Technology Engineering Department, in order to enhance and develop students’ skills and train them on different devices such as the C-ARM, the spiral scanner, and various dermatology devices such as the UVC, baby incubator and various respirators.
Summer training is a basic requirement that includes students of the second and third stages, and the student is not qualified unless he fulfills the requirements of summer training.
This comes as one of the goals of Hilla University College in preparing technical cadres and advanced cadres so that the student is scientifically and academically qualified in dealing with various medical device technologies, as well as preparing students with a level of experience commensurate with the scientific development witnessed by the medical devices engineering disciplines.

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