The President of Babylon University visits to discuss the horizon of cooperation with the University College of Hilla

The President of Babylon University, Dr. Qahtan Al-Jabouri, visited the University College of Hilla with Professor Hassan Al-Masoudi (Deputy Head of the Parliamentary Higher Education Committee), and was in their reception, the Dean of the College, Professor (Aqeel Al-Saadi).
The visit included discussions to share the horizon of cooperation, sharing knowledge and experiences between the two sides in academic and research work and activating immediate and future insights in conferences, workshops and seminars within their interdisciplinary disciplines while creating a scientific environment to contribute to the march Education in Iraq and working on the data of the government program of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and unification of their common insights.
The president of the University of Babylon also roamed the corridors of the college’s reconstruction process and the great interest in medical laboratories containing the latest devices and technologies.
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