Preparations for the th Babylon International Festival

The Committee on Honors of Babylon International Festival continues to hold its periodic meetings. Today was the meeting with a number of students of the University College of Hilla, where the meeting was held at the College Theater Hall and in the presence of Associates of the Dean for Scientific and Administrative Affairs and the student activities division official. The continuing education officer, where the mechanism of the work of the Reception Committee has been explained by dividing the work of this committee as follows:
The Student Committee to receive its work welcomes guests, artists, ambassadors, poets… etc.
2-The committee stands in places specified by officials on the committee, which is determined on a day before the festival begins a week before the festival, to how to stand and work every student
All members of the Committee are equipped with formal uniforms by officials, according to each member’s measurement
Free transportation from gathering place to Babylonian theater
Certificate of appreciation for participation in the committee by officials
Financial reward by the committee responsible for the festival
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