Honoring the first students of the anesthesia department at Hilla University College

The generosity of the department of anesthesia at Hilla University College, the first three students in the first stage, today, Sunday, 19-9-2021, and in the presence of Mr. Head of Section M. Dr. Ali Jassim Al Khafaji and Dr. Emad Salam Aboud, Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs.
In a speech in which Mr. Associate Dean, Dr. Emad Salam Aboud, presented during his meeting with the first students, he shows the extent of the interest of the Dean of the college, Mr. Dr. Aqeel Al-Saadi, and a continuous follow-up by the chairmanship of the Department of Anesthesia, first students in advance of They are the fruit of their efforts throughout the academic year in which they achieved the highest success.
The efforts of the head of the anesthesia department and the teaching masters to reach these honorable results and to make the educational process successful, and blessed them with these good efforts. Dr. Ali Jassem Alkhafaji spoke his speech. Her that this tribute came in recognition and pride for the effort and diligence of the top top students in the anesthesia department.
In turn, the first students gave their speech by thanking the dean of the college and all the teachers at the college for their support to the students, and enabling them to harvest these top results.
The names of the first students who have been honored are as follows:
1. Mahmoud Shaker Abdul Kazem
2. Sabreen Hamza Harjan
3. Muhammad Hassan Abadi
Finally, the students were given a book of gratitude and appreciation for their efforts in their studies. This tribute comes with pride from the Deanship of the University College of Hilla with our superior students and motivated them and all students to do more to achieve success.
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