Good news for students who were admitted to the departments of the University College of Hilla and did not attend and who did not complete registration procedures

♦️ The approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has been obtained to complete the registration of students and reserve their seats in the new academic year (2021-2022)
♦️ The content of the book stated that students who register their names in the college upload their names to the ministry to obtain approval for their admission without entering registration on the electronic portal to apply
🔷 Note that the deadline for registration is the end of the official work of Sunday, 1/11/2021
♦️ college departments
* Department of Dentistry
* nursing department
* Department of Medical Devices Technology Engineering
* Department of Medical Physics
* Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques
* Department of Radiology and Sonar Technology
* Department of Anesthetic Technologies
* Department of Law
* Department of Economy
* Department of Performing Arts
* Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
* Department of English Education
* Department of Accounting
🔵 College Location: Iraq – Babylon Governorate, Hala Road – Najaf / Alarangia
For inquiries, message a page or call: + 781 964 343 5813
We wish all our students success and success
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