Awareness seminar on how to prevent breast cancer

On the occasion of the World Awareness Month for the Prevention of Breast Cancer on October 1st (October every year) and sponsored by Mr. Colonel of the College of Hilla University, Mr. Dr. (Aqil Majid Al-Saadi), the respected professor (Aqil Magid Al-Sa’adi), a group of students from the fourth phase of nursing department participated in a seminar in a Toa Awareness on how to prevent this widely spread disease between Women in the world and Iraqi women.
Participated in the seminar to offer local research on this topic and how to prevent it by avoiding dangerous factors such as food rich in meat, fat, excessive in sugar, weight gain, smoking tobacco and alcohol
The seminar has been attended by Mr. Assistant General for Scientific and Administrative Affairs and professors of the Department of Nursing, Professor and Professor Dr. Alwan Ayai, the head of the Nursing Department in the college and the supervisor of this activity except for the purpose of spreading health awareness in the community In order to promote the health of Iraqi women and reach sustainable development.
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