A teaching in the College of Hilla University gets accepted to publish it in scopus

The assistant teacher (Mis Mohammed Wabar Al-Zahiri) finished the teaching in the Department of Nursing at the College of Hilla University to accept the publication of a scientific research titled (Prevalence of tobacco smoking and its correlates among students of hilla College university in Babylon-Iraq) in Natural Volatil magazine es & Essential Oils, which is one of the global magazines within the Scobass Consortiums Q3 Effect Factors.
The research shows the spread of smoking among the students of Hilla University College, where the study conducted on 500 participants of males and females from different departments and stages of school to a high smoking rate, where the percentage of smoking in males was 56.5% and for females is 16.3% why Different types of smoking even if it is using cigarettes Or narcotics or mixed smoking, and also I have learned that most of these smokers had symptoms of coughing and shortness of breath and speeding in heartbeats as well as the smell of a bad understanding ….
One of the findings of this study is that the largest percentage of smokers were with their public places without smoking and that is why it contains a lot of toxic, cancerous and polluted substances to the ocean air which also affects non-smokers in the same place.
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