Scientific visit to the Presidency of the Federal Court of Appeal of Babylon

The Department of Law at the College of Hilla University organized a visit to the Presidency of the Court of Appeal of Babel Federal Federalya. A number of students of the department under the supervision of Dr. Emad Al-Shabli, the head of the law department and a number of ladies and gentlemen of the teachers, and the reception was held by Mr. President of Appeal Judge Basem Al-Aaredi, Mr. President of the Criminal Court Judge Nasser Al-Shamri and it was distributed. Students in court halls and attending court sessions to spread the interest to everyone, then students roam inside the court rooms to know their sections, and also students have been exposed on how to raise and the proceedings of the trial and how to manage the session from the judges, and the students listen to the sh I will separate court duties and specialties.
This visit comes within the framework of the training program presented by the Department of Law, in a quest of the department to strengthen communication between students, institutions, government departments and integration between the academic and the applied aspects.
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