Cooperation agreement between Al-Hilla University College and Al-Kafel Sports Club

The head of the Administrative Board of Al-Hilla University, Professor Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi) and Mr. Alaa Mithham Kazem Mohammed, the head of the Administrative Committee of Al-Kafel Sports Club, signed an agreement between the two parties to activate the sports work and activate the positive relationship between the college and the club and achieve the active integration of Khad. 100 students of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science
The agreement aims to establish a general strategy for the development of sports in the Department of Physical Education, and oversee the organization of competitions and tournaments, in addition to organizing concerts and festivals for the college and the department, where the Kafel Stadium is one of the good executive tools to serve the department from the side Practical, theoretical and encouraging different sports.
The agreement also holds that its parties should cooperate in setting up and implementation of scientific and practical plans, programs and work tools “conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures” to develop different joint and interchangeable aspects in order to establish the foundation of common cooperation between the college and the club in the fields of cultural, sports and culture Ethnic and social, which enriches all shared services and programs for the interest of both parties in service Society.
The signature has been attended by the Deputy General of the Science, Administrative Affairs, and faculty members of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences in our college ..
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