The role of medical device engineers in life

With the presence of the chief of the college of Hilla, Professor Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi) the Department of Engineering of Medical Equipment Technologies at the College of Hilla University, a discussion session titled “The role of medical devices engineers in life” by Mr. Ali Talib Jawad.
The role played by the specialization of medical engineering in the society and its direct connection to human health has been discussed and the importance of medical equipment engineering is for the intense medical needs and continues to develop medical equipment and devices to assist in faster diagnostic operations and effective results that contribute to the The seminar discussed the most important roles he plays in keeping patients healthy With a medical device engineer at work within a set of standards that ensure the safety of devices and equipment inside hospitals, some of the advanced device technologies that play an essential role in human health.
This discussion session was attended by the General Assistant General of Scientific and Administrative Affairs, and the Faculty members of the Department of Engineering Technologies of Medical Equipment and a number of students of the department.
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