A teaching at the College of Hilla University participates in writing a book titled (Electricity Engineering Materials)

I participated in the teaching at the College of Al-Hilla University, Department of Physics (M. M. Zahra Najah Salman) wrote a new book titled (Electricity of engineering materials) where Dr. Mohamed Al-Muamouri, one of the professors of the Faculty of Material Engineering, Babel University.
The main purpose of this book is to give a clear picture of the nature of insulation and connectors, similarities of connectors and polymers, and how they are used in electrical measurements and design of electrical circuits, as well as the use of some thermal devices to measure electrical resistance. And this book was prepared to serve the service of Material Engineering in all its departments. Metals, polymer department, petrochemicals, mechanics as well as electrical, mechanical and physics department and for those interested in electrical specialties of materials.
The head of the Medical Physics Department, along with the members of the faculty of the department, presented the doctoral and master’s messages to the college library without lashing the library with research and scientific resources for all dear students and the benefit of them within various specialties.
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