Scientific visit to the Department of Comets in Imam Al Sadiq Hospital (AS) / Babel Governorate

Within the curriculum of scientific and educational ambassadors in the Department of Physics of the Medical at the College of Hilla University, supported by the college columnist and direct supervision from the chairmanship of the department in cooperation with the teaching of the department: Assistant teacher Dalail Saad, and Assistant teacher Ashraq Mohammed
Students of the second phase of Physics Department of Medical Department made a scientific visit to the Department of Crime in Imam Sadiq Hospital (AS) in Babel Az Governorate, the modern medical devices in the department were checked and the operation of each device and knowing the results used in diagnosis and treatment of tumors using treatment Nuclear or radiation medicine.
As the head of the department, Dr. Hussein Al-Arabawi, pointed out that there is a curriculum special for the scientific embassies, the department may have put up in cooperation with hospitals and medical centers that increase practical knowledge in the specialty of medical physics, which all students will be sent to those medical centers in a free way. T during this year and direct supervision of professors Oath.
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