Al-Ahilla University of Education holds the first preparatory meeting

The Al Alhilla University Education Department held the first preparatory meeting with the directors of registration in universities and private colleges by holding a training workshop on the launch of the admission system for the academic year (20-2020) at the American University in Baghdad, if I participated in the College of Hilla, the University is represented by the Director of the Registration Department (M. M. Muhammad Jassim Shaheed) and Mr. (Hossein Muhammad Kazem)
During this meeting, there was a discussion of the most important things that came in the student’s guide and the admission system in universities and civil colleges, and the application plan that was worked on by the circle to facilitate the procedures for the student and strengthen the sobriety of procedures this year, providing support services that are integrated with the central admission system, and criticism Administrative support and guidance to students throughout the application, registration and organization period Student reviews of circles or examination centers in universities and colleges, without any momentum, congestion or long waiting periods.
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