Artist Dr. Ehsan Daddoush hosted by the College of Hilla University

With the presence and interaction of my students, I hosted the College of Hilla University / Stage Department, a star of Iraqi comedy stars and one of its knights who left an artistic mark in the field of comedy art, which we most need for the Iraqi family, comedian Dr. (Ahsan Dadoush) who passed away We have a huge mind, a mischievous appearance and several characters that gave us a lot of funny scenes From what left a good impression in the performance, the style in which he appeared and his attempts to renew the creation of smile and laughter on his fans’ lips and his wide audience and always strive to spend the pleasant times for all viewers and followers through the TV works he has presented in his career A Intention and the hosting session was conducted by the assistant teacher, the artist Hassan Al-Ghabini, one of them Teaching the theatre department in our college.
This was welcomed by the head of the college, Professor Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi) as his generous guest and expressed the college’s desire to hold scientific, artistic and cultural activities in which a number of Iraqi artists are invited in the future, especially since the college has already offered invitations to a number of university professors and Iraqi artists. Qain, Arabs, and foreigners in different specialties to participate in College activities, both conferences, scientific workshops, and theatrical performances.
On his side, Dr. Ehsan Daddoush’s interest in the college’s artistic activities that represent the gateway of development and forms a wide range of positive programs that boost the student’s self-confidence, engage in free times, and qualify him for the post-graduation job market, thanks to its impact on awareness Literary, scientific, cultural, and technical in the imaginations of students.
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