Hisham Al-Zhabi and his sons in the hospitality of Al-Hilla University College

Al-Halla University College received the activist Professor Hisham Al-Zhabi, the winner of the Hope Makers and the director of the Beit-Iraqi Foundation for Creativity in a big ceremony attended by professors and students of the college in the theater hall.
Start of the party presented by M. Mr. Kazem Khenger in a word to the head of the college of Hilla University, Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi) in which he spoke about the need to continue humanitarian work that aims to contain the children’s slate and direct them in the right direction, facing the challenges that accompany the work, and Al-Saadi must be ready to help It is possible to facilitate the work of Mr. Hisham Al-Zhabi in the humanitarian side and his provided care For more than 500 children by incorporating them into the education wire to contribute to building the future of the country.
After that, Mr. Hisham Al-Zhabi gave a public lecture on child rights and the Iraqi House of Creativity, where the Golden is the only orphans and their care, and his activity in the field of marginalized childhood care that suffered neglect and then talked about his beginnings in the field of child care that was after 20 04 where the events prisons were opened and the children were released Some of them with the appearances of torn clothes and inherited, and he said I noticed the interest of foreign organizations in these, which has a lot of effect on them” and paid it later to open the Iraqi Security House for childhood care.
Later, Mr. Ali Al-Hali, the director of the Charity Road Foundation in Babylon, spoke about his experience in helping needy families, children, and creating an educational institution for children and giving them free lessons at all stages.
And at the end of the ceremony, the generosity of the Colonel of Hilla University A. A Aqeel Al-Saadi, Mr. Hisham Al-Zhabi and Mr. Ali Al-Hali, with the creation of their humanitarian efforts and their role in creating voluntary work spaces to help the vulnerable groups and move them to a new space of hope, as the ceremony witnessed the ceremony honoring many children of Hisham Al-Golden Orphans, so Gifts, toys and clothes distributed to children before Hilla University College Dean
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