Student registration for the year 2021-2022

“Hilla University College” welcomes all dear students and their noble families, those who wish to apply electronic to the college or to answer inquiries regarding the rates, sections, admission entrances, clarification of the mechanism of electronic registration and filling the student data and checking it..
♦️ To all dear students who want to apply for the departments of the college of Hilla University, the college review for the purpose of electronic application, the creation of student accounts, and filling in and checking the data.
🔸Knowing that the college has paid the registration fee to activate the central registration account for all students, you are welcome to the reception of the college of Al-Hilla University.
🌟For inquiries, contact the following numbers:
• 07717385291
• 07741871511
• 07800777025
College of Hilla University | hilla University is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Iraqi Scientific Research
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