Teachers in our college getting patent

Granting the Central System for Measurement and Quality Control belonging to the Ministry of Planning, Patent for a joint team at the University of Hilla / Department of Medical Laboratory Technologies Authorized by Professor Dr. (Kuthar Hawaz Mahdi / Head of Medical Laboratory Technology Department) and Assistant Teacher (Inas Rahim Maktouf), with the number (6953) in 29 \11 \2021, and the title is (new chemical transplantation of the antibiotic sephylococcus aureus, the study of its chemical composition and its biological activity and its name against the MRSA Staphylococcus Aureus inside and outside the system).
Where the research team was able to find alternatives to antibiotics that lost its validity against sick bacteria, developed chemically and studied its effectiveness against laboratory animals that infected with this bacteria, as it was worked inside the college labs of the Department of Medical Laboratory Technologies
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