Awareness campaign on social psychological support for children with concerns (special needs)

Sponsored by Mr. General of the College of Hilla University, Mr. Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi), and under the supervision of Professor Al-Mumars and the consultant of General Health and Community Medicine, Dr. Hassan Alwan, the head of the Department of Nursing in our kidney, and on the occasion of the International Day of Care for those with special needs The year, the Department of Nursing in our college organized a comprehensive awareness campaign about support Social Psychology for children with concerns (special needs), care for those with chronic diseases and participation in both the teachings of M. M. Prayer for Ali Hamad, the decision of the department and death. M. Saad Al-Rabaiy School of Women’s, Childbirth and Growth for Children.
Dozens of nursing students participated in this field activity that ensures the distribution of health messages, and examinations of citizens and children to apply what nursing students learn from their knowledge in the college on the ground.
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