Al-Ain Foundation for the Care of Orphans in the Rehab of Al-Hilla University College

Under the sponsorship of the Colonel of Al-Hilla University, Professor Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi), the Al-Ain Social Welfare Foundation held a definitive seminar on (The role of Al-Ain Foundation in Orphans Bail) on Tuesday, 7-12-2021,
The seminar conducted by both Mr. Alaa Saeed Al-Mousawi, the Director of the Foundation and Mr. Ahmed Zamli, the Director of Public Relations in the Foundation, about the stages of the establishment, its establishment and its cooperation, and the mechanisms of dealing with it, and as an institution of civil society organizations registered in the section of NGOs And they have the characteristic of general benefit in addition to getting it Advisory Board of the UN Economic Council
This and Ashana Al-Saadi in his speech within the seminar on the efforts made by the foundation, Mashira, the importance of the academic foundation to take its role as a supporter to work such charities that are eligible for an important section in the society
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