Signing a memorandum of scientific cooperation between the College of Hilla University and the Fedak Center for Bras and Rrinin

Starting from the principle of scientific and research cooperation between the college and the medical centers, a cooperation agreement was signed between the head of the college of Hilla University, Mr. Dr. (Aqil Al-Saadi) and the director of the Fedak Center for Al-Halzouni and Magnetic Center, Professor (Ahmed Meki Mohammed) on the joint cooperation for the purpose of D The joint business between the two parties, including training students of the radiation department and Sonar is on the devices of the center, and this center will be the applied place for the students of the Department of Radiation and Sonar Technologies in all its stages and under the supervision of doctors specialized in radiation, sonar, and matriculation.
Note that the Center has offered a reduction in the prices of the examinations for the entire identity campaign of Al-Hilla University, from teachers, students and their families, with the amount of 50% of the examination wages.
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