Department of Medical Laboratory Technologies participates in the meeting of the Heads of Laboratory Technologies Department

The Department of Medical Laboratory Technologies at the College of Hilla University participated in the league meeting of the Heads of Medical Laboratories Technologies in Technical Colleges on Monday, 6/12/202021, which included universities and college of college of college of education in the joint scientific twinning with the Faculty of Technologies Health and Medical / Al-Furat Central Technical University, the meeting has been attended Representatives of the department, Dr. Kuthar Hawaz Mahdi, head of the Department of Medical Laboratory Technologies, Dr. Ethmar Kazem, and assistant teacher Asad Halawi, faculty members of the department.
This is a special workshop to discuss the proposals of updating the curriculum and identify the materials included in the calendar exam and mention that this workshop is the first of a series of workshops that are expected to be held periodically in order to improve the educational process and raise the scientific level of demand .
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