The role of the Integrity Organization in reducing corruption (Iraq, for example)

Sponsored by Mr. Colonel of the College of Hilla University, Professor Dr. Aqeel Al-Saadi…. Under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Emad Kazem Al-Shabli, head of the Law Department …
The Department of Law at the College of Al-Hilla University today, Saturday, 2021/12/11, a discussion episode titled the role of the Integrity Board in reducing corruption (Iraq as a model), was held by Dr. Hassan Al-Yasri, the teaching of the Karbala University of Law and the former head of the Integrity Council and included the talks of the Nindu The following:
1. Defining the concept and guarantee of corruption
2. Demonstration of corruption in internal and international framework
3. Causes of corruption in government system
4. The anti-corruption tools
This episode left many questions from the guests and guests and answered them
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