A stand of mourning on the soul of the student (Zahraa Hamed Ghazi)

With a lot of sorrow and sadness and hearts that believe in God’s will and fate, the College of Hilla University held a stand of Haddad in front of the Emada College building this morning, Monday 13/12/2021 on the spirit of the student (Zahraa Hamed Ghazi), one of the students of the second phase of Physics Department of Medical, which passed away. On Saturday, the mourning stop was attended by Mr. Colonel of the college, Dr. (Aqil) Al-Saadi) and the gentlemen, scientific, administrative assistants, faculty members, and a number of staff and students of the college, and Surah Al-Fatiha was recited on her pure soul, asking the Almighty God to dwell her in the Paradise of Al-Naim and inspire her family patience and solace
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