The Department of Economics is always proud of its distinctive capacity that the fruits of its efforts are the strength of education with a planet of bright minds and the completion of education in the country

Today, we are proud of one of the graduates of Al-Hilla University College / Department of Economics … The distinguished student Houra Ali Hussein … And that
Discussed her Master’s letter on the morning of 14/12/2021.. Al-Mosumah (The role of foreign trade in the treatment of structural choices in Iraq) in the hall of the master of water, at the Faculty of Management and Economics / Karbala University
The Discussion Committee has proposed from the masters of the members.
A. Dr. Jawad Kazem Abdel-Bakri …. President
A. M. Dr. Ammar Mahmoud Hamid…. A member
A. M. Sultan Jassim Sultan …. A member
A. Dr. Tawfiq Abbas Abdul Aoun Al-Masoudi…. A member and an honor
The message has been highly appreciated
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