Volunteer campaign for the students of the Department of Nursing at the College of Hilla University

Among the activities of the students of the voluntary nursing department at the College of Hilla University, a health campaign was carried out to support school health activities in Karim Al-Radi village in Babel Governorate
Where a group of hardworking students carried out a health and prevention awareness campaign to assess the nutritional status of primary school students in Karim Al-Radi village in the countryside of Al-Halla city as part of the message of the college college and directed by Mr. Al-Memid A. A Aqeel Al-Saadi, where the college seeks to identify the students of the Department of Nursing on health problems of the local community and effective preventive intervention to solve them in order to promote the health of citizens, especially the health of children in primary school age.
The participants of the campaign measured the body block indicator for the students of Peace Primary School for Boys in the village and participated in the educational staff.
This community activity was carried out by the group of students of the third stage of the special evening, under the supervision and direction of the head of the nursing department, Professor Almatars and the consultative doctor in general health medicine, community medicine, and expert of the International Health Organization, Middle East, Dr. Hassan Ayai Allah.
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