Cooperation agreement between Al-Hilah University College and Kingdom Land Training and Development Company


A delegation from the Kingdom Land Training and Development Company visited Al-Hilah University College this Sunday morning on 19-2-2023, with the aim of strengthening the framework of cooperation between government institutions, in order to develop the skills of students and teaching staff, with the presence of the Dean of the college Prof.Dr. (Aqil Al- Saadi), Engineer Hussein Al-Azawi, Director of the branches of the Lower Mesopotamia ,Professor Ahmed Malik, Officer of the Cultural Missions and Treatments Unit of our College.
A cooperation agreement was signed between the two parties to start having English courses at the college at a subsidized price for professors, college associates and students for 45 days, 50 training hours, and 3 lectures per week, each lecture is 2 hours long ,course wages 120 IQD instead of $300 per person, And There are many other courses that have been agreed upon within the terms of the agreement.

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