Scientific seminar on the interdependence of custody and visitation rights


The Continuing Education Unit,in cooperation with the Law Department of Al- Hilla university collage ,held this Saturday morning 29/4/2023, a scientific seminar entitled “The extent of the interdependence between the right of custody and the right to visitation.
Department of Law Assistant professors Adnan Abbas al-Rajhi and Ahmed Al Makhzoumi gave a brief overview stating that these rights are of a single nature and they aim to achieve the interests of one person,because
There wouldn’t be a of visitation nor custody right if there wasn’t a custodial child in the first place, And thus this statement is on the contrary to what the supreme court has stated in its new directives , They also recommended that the courts should not rule on the right of custody except for those who are able to provide the right to visitation requirements due to the important interest that affects the development of the child’s personality properly. The seminar was held in the presence of the Assistant Dean and a number of teaching staff and students.

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