Al-Hila University College participates in the 5th Academic Forum in Sulaymaniyah


The Iraqi Academics Union in collaboration with the Association of Academics in Kurdistan held the fifth academic forum under the title : (Development of higher education in Iraq priorities and challenges) in Sulaymaniyah on Saturday and Sunday, 29-30 April 2024, in the presence of representatives of the Presidency of the Republic, the Prime Minister of the Centre and the region, a number of university presidents, college deans and elite Iraqi academics, and under the sponsorship of the Iraqi public and private universities.
The Forum included two scientific sessions with six main scientific themes delivered by qualified professors, Which shed light on:
1. Selection of university leaders.
2. Legislation and laws on higher education in Iraq.
3. Supreme Council for Education.
4. Civil and technical education in Iraq.
5. Quality of education and standards of classification of Iraqi universities.
6. Universities developed in the Centre and the region and recognition requirements in Iraq.
The Forum came up with a number of important recommendations that will be formulated and subsequently disseminated, most importantly without prejudice to university service allocations in subsequent legal legislation.
A representative of Al-Hilah University College, Professor Dr. Abdeladim Nassar, Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, attended the proceedings of the Forum.

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