Fourth Conference of the Short Story


Prof. Dr. Abdulazim Nassar, Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, participated in the opening of the fourth conference of the short story at the Jawahiri Hall in the Union of writers and authors in Al Najaf
The ceremony began with recitations from the Holy Quran by known Iraqi reader Karim Mansouri, and after that a speech was made by the President of the General Union of Literature and Writers of Iraq, Dr. Ali Alfawaz.
There were three papers.
1-Dr. Hamza Fadil
Iraqi Story, Modern Story, Identity and Technologies
2-Dr. Thair Al-Azzari
End techniques in the short story
3-Dr. Rahman Garkan
Memories in the short story, concept, type, functions
There were interventions by some guests and presence that existed from various provinces of Iraq
Thereafter, the discretionary certificates were presented to the researchers, the chairman of the ceremony , the rapporteur and the corporal of the ceremony Ismail Husseini.

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