Dean of Hilla University College gives a lecture on (Law of Discipline of State officials)


In response to the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in implementing the program for developing and qualifying university leaders and human resources in private universities and colleges. Where the Dean of Hilla University College, the respected Professor Dr. Aqeel Al-Saadi, In the first axis, he discussed the definition of Law of Discipline of State officials and an explanation of what was mentioned in the Code of Conduct. The second axis was devoted to providing an explanation of the Civil Service Law and the University Service Law and its most important obligations and rights. The lecture dealt with the most prominent legal ethics in the field of the profession, which avoids the employee from falling into any problem in his field of work. The course aimed to spread the legal culture, define the types of committees, know the principles of administrative investigation, the importance of adherence to costs and duties, maintain the confidentiality of information and documents, and avoid job exploitation.

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